Beautiful Decorative Landscaping Boulders

Beautiful Decorative Landscaping Boulders

Beautiful Decorative Landscaping BouldersBoulders are powerful and majestic additions to a garden. Their robust features and muted colors contrast beautifully with the colorful, delicate flowers of annuals and perennials. They balance and harmonize the landscape with shrubs, flowering trees, and ponds. Unless you happen to have easy access to existing boulders in or nearby your garden, these majestic beauties may be tough to incorporate as a decorative element. Besides the cost, transportation is costly, due to their enormous volume and weight. However, there are options available today that solve the problem in a way no one would recognize.


Synthetic boulders and stone are available that even professionals find hard to differentiate from real rock. Some faux, hollow boulders and rocks are constructed from polyurethane that is cast from the molds of real boulders to include shape, textures, lines, crevices, and all other exact details. They are manufactured to withstand high impact and sprayed with a high-grade UV protection for high traffic and durability. The boulders and rocks are hand-painted with high-grade exterior acrylic to match the colors of real stone. Another commonly used material for faux boulders and rocks is fiberglass. With today’s faux boulders, drilling holes are easily accomplished for anchoring and air ventilation. They are used for garden design as well as hiding awkward essential items, such as pumps, air conditioners, pool filters, and electrical boxes.


Decorative landscape boulders and stones are custom made and available in stores or online in various shapes and sized, not to mention less expensive and considerably lighter in weight than the real stone. Some faux boulders and stones available at are listed below.


Dekorra Products Boulder Rock, 27-Inch by 21-Inch by 25-Inch, Riverbed Brown by Dekorra

The boulder rock color is Fieldstone gray and also comes in a brown faux color. It measures 25″ high x 33″ x 26″ and hides well pipes, small pumps, wells, septic systems, other unattractive units, and landscape defects too costly to eliminate. It is reported to hold up well in all types of inclement weather.


Extra-Large Faux Hollow Landscaping Rock by Outdoor Essentials

This fiberglass rock is weatherproof and durable. It is hand-painted in tans and grays, imitating its natural counterpart. Drilling is easily done to insert wire or hoses. It measures 16.5 x 27 x 31 inches and weighs 14 pounds.



Jumbo Faux Fieldstone Tan Hollow Landscape Rock by Outdoor Essentials

The material is fiberglass composite. This realistic rock covers unsightly problems in the garden, such as ground-level tree trunks. It is easy to drill or relocated to other parts of the backyard garden. Reviews applaud the realism of this large faux sandstone rock.



Small Faux Hollow Rock, Approximately 17 “x 10.5” by Outdoor Essentials

This item is a smaller rock with the same quality feature of their larger rocks, easy to drill, hand-painted with high-quality acrylic paint, durable, and imitates the irregular shape of the real stone. It weighs seven pounds, and the company works hard to match requested colors.



Outdoor Essentials Faux Address Rock, Grey

The rock is composed of fiberglass, and has a chiseled, flat space for a street address, imitating engraved rock. It measures 16.5 x 27 x 31 inches and weighs 13 pounds. Additional anchoring with metal L anchors and long stakes provide security from high winds (not included). This item is an alternative to expensive real stone engraving.


Benefits of Decorative Landscaping Boulders

The significant advantages of decorative landscape boulders and rock include their lightweight and durable construction and ability to conceal a multitude of visually unattractive but essential objects, as well as unsightly objects, such as tree stumps too expensive to remove. They are easily transportable and custom painted in many cases.


Stones most valuable asset in the backyard flower garden design is the natural beauty it adds to the backyard garden while at the same time hiding unsightly pumps, wires, and hoses needed to water plants and power pumps for design features such as water fountains. The cost is considerably less than real rock, and the visual differences are nil to none.



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