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Cutco Garden Tools, Commitment to Quality

cutco garden toolsThree of the most sought after qualities looked for in garden tools are the strength, durability, and comfort. With proper care and maintenance, quality tools last for years. Many garden tool manufacturers advertise the benefits of their products. However, putting the gardening equipment to the test reveals the accuracy of the claim. A trowel handle that breaks off when digging into dominantly clay soil is frustrating. Not every tool made is perfect, but a company that offers a guarantee restores confidence.


All Cutco garden tools have ‘The Forever Guarantee.” They ensure their products strength, durability, and comfort. The handles are made with glass-reinforced polypropylene and have a comfortable grip that is fatigue-resistant. The head material is heat-treated carbon and stainless steel and resist bending and does not break when working in the garden. When your tool is in need of sharpening or repair, they provide a service to inspect, sharpen, and wash your tools. If you are unsatisfied, they will fix or replace the item. When purchasing from retailers, ask to be sure about the inclusion of Cutco’s ‘The Forever Guarantee.”


In business since 1949, this company takes pride in their products and in delivering high-quality tools and service to its customers. Cutco garden tools include a cultivator, weeder, transplanting trowel, garden trowel, and bypass pruner. These frequently used garden tools are listed below.


CUTCO Model 331 6-Pc. Garden Tool Set — #300 Cultivator, #301 Weeder, #302 Transplanting Trowel, #304 Garden Trowel, #1527 Bypass Pruner, and canvas CUTCO tool bag

This highly rated item provides the essential tools for gardening. There are advantages of having the canvas tool bag with the tools. It keeps tools together while you are working and it provides a safe place to store them when you’re finished working in the garden. Keeping the tools and bag clean will maintain them in proper working condition. These essential garden tools address most of your gardening needs for weeding, digging, pruning, transplanting, and planting. The trowels include embossed markers for planting depth for bulbs and large flowers.


Cutco sells a set of tools, including the cultivator, weeder, transplanting trowel, garden trowel, and bypass pruner individually and as a set without the bag.


CUTCO Model 1527 Bypass Pruners with precision-ground Stainless Steel blades for clean, exact cutting.

For precision, clean cuts with no tearing, a by-pass pruner is the tool for the job, as it’s blades work like scissors. Use the by-pruner for dead-heading, pruning, and cleaning up plants with stem diameters ½ inch or less.


Enjoyable Experience with Cutco Garden Tools 

Cutco gardening tools provide the basic equipment most frequently used to maintain a beautiful garden. Many reviews testify to owning gardening equipment before Cutco’s that broke, rusted, bent, and were hard to handle. Gardening should be enjoyable and relaxing. Investing in a good set of gardening tools is essential to transform a baneful gardening experience into a pleasant one. Enjoying the gardening should be just as satisfying and therapeutic as enjoying the garden.

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