Decorative Landscape Bricks

Decorative Landscape Bricks

Decorative Landscape BricksDecorative landscape bricks are an important feature in the flower garden. They define space, add character, and provide support in the form of paths, walkways, edging, and short retaining walls. Many types of brick are found in a variety of colors, textures, and shapes. The two methods of laying the brick are with cement and dry-laid. Single bricks can be arranged in a variety of patterns or an alternate form, precast concrete pavers, are available that has the look of brick. Although Flagstone is not brick but stone, it can be split and installed dry-laid for walkways just as the brick would be applied.


The choice of brick depends on the style of garden and the form of your garden landscape. The same brick used for walkways works well for edging and short retaining walls. Depending on the garden plants and areas of interest created in your flower garden, different types of decorative landscape bricks can be combined. The paths can be straight or meander through different sections of the garden.


One way of creating the character in your garden is with a pattern design with the brick. Some interesting designs are herringbone, diagonal herringbone, running bond, and basket weave. The least expensive method of incorporating brick as walkways is dry-laid. For security and to make sure your path is stable, dig out the walkway’s area. The depth of excavation should be deep enough for sand, pea gravel, or any other materials to provide for good drainage, support and to provide a compact, even surface on which to lay the brick.


Pre-cast concrete pavers are a time-saving product that adds the beauty of a geometric or a natural design. They give a pathway or small patio a professional look and depending on their thickness and the tightness of installation, can be durable enough for drive-up entries to the garden.


An inexpensive device that allows for personalized application is garden pathway molds. A few DIY molds for creating concrete paver designs are available at Amazon and are listed below.


Yosoo DIY Personalized Pathmate Stone Road Mold Garden Walk Maker Outdoor Decorative Stone Molds (Black)

This re-useable mold creates a square pattern design for walkways and patio areas. Adding paint to the wet pre-mixed concrete adds a uniqueness to the decorative landscape bricks and the overalldesign.




Scepter 04241 Pathmate Random Stone Mold

This particular design works great for curved walkways. It has a natural form that provides a variety of path curved options in terms of direction and width. Concrete, the mold, and a trowel are all that is needed to install the walkway.




Driveway Paving Brick Patio Concrete Slabs Pathmate Path Garden Walk Maker Mould

This brick mold allows for personalized aspects to the design regarding color and texture. Just add paint to the pre-mixed concrete and add pebbles or decorative elements into wet, troweled concrete. It is easy to work with and gives a professional look.


Decorative landscape bricks dramatically impact your flower garden. The choices are many and depending on your budget and your time there are many possible options to create the garden landscape of your dreams.


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