Gardening Devices: Outside Pergolas

Gardening Devices: Outside Pergolas


Outside Pergolas

Outside PergolasThe outstanding feature of a pergola is its blend of indoor and outdoor living space. Connected to the side of a house, it serves as a transition to the garden. Covering the patio area makes it an outdoor extended living and dining area. Built as a single structure in the garden or along a walkway, it creates a covered oasis for seating and a protective cover for walking. Pergolas add overhead protection from sun, heat, and partial rain. It is the beautiful climbing vines that grow up its sides and over its flat or curved roof that unite both the outside and indoor spaces, providing shade and partial enclosure. Their historical influence gives the outside pergolas an old world charm.


History of Outside Pergolas

Originally found in Egypt, pergolas united the indoor area with an architecturally designed outdoor space consisting of structurally geometric features, such as pillars with plants, including the use of lattice and trellises. During the Renaissance, pergula, the Latin word for projecting eave, were utilized for grape vines growing over a structure, blending with the side walls and roof covering. Like those of the past, current pergolas transition into the garden and backyard patio area, some attached to the back of a house. They are long and narrow with side pillars or posts, upholding crossbeams overhead. The sides of the structure may include various designs of lattice to support the climbing vine’s growth up against the sides and rooftop.


Old World Charm and Modern Style

Though many outside pergolas project old world charm, some modern styles fit the overall garden design while providing the same functions. Pergolas extend from houses, cover paths, and the stand-alone structures provide semi-enclosed areas for pools, eating, and resting places in the garden. The climbing vines that cover these structures become a natural part of the overall architecture that unites the two and sets pergolas apart from other garden devices such as arbors, trellises, and gazebos.


Points to Consider

When choosing materials for the structure, some important considerations are providing structural strength needed to support the size and weight of the climbing vine. Consider the time and cost for maintenance of the climbing vines and their additional features. Flowering vines often attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees. Others provide fragrance through the spring and summer months.

Available Pergolas and Climbing Vines

Pergolas kits and climbing vines are available at Amazon. Some beautiful styles of outside pergolas and climbing vines are listed below.


New England Arbors Freemont Pergola, by New England Arbors

This structure features a classical design. The vinyl structure consists of premium hi-grade polymers. It attaches to the back side of a house. The product dimensions are 164″ x 171.5″ x 106″ and includes a lifetime warranty against warps, cracks, or yellowing in the sunlight. It is New England Arbors largest and most favored pergola.


New England Arbors Avalon Louvered Pergola, White, by New England Arbors

The beautiful stand-alone pergola creates a perfect shaded seating area as the top covering has three louvered panels. When constructing on a concrete area, surrounding the structure with planters and attaching hanging plant baskets brings the natural elements into the design. Constructed from premium vinyl, it has a classic wood look. The dimensions, including the roof, are 151″L x 151″W x 104″H. Cleaning is easy with a hose.

Dura-TrelQueensbrook Pergola, by Dura-Trel

The pergola consists of maintenance free vinyl and measures 115″L x 115″W x 96″H. Beautiful and at a great price-point, this pergola kit will easily house a garden table and chairs. It comes with a 20-year limited warranty. Highly rated customer reviews used this pergola to cover patios, spa areas, and hot tubs.


Pre-Stained Walnut Finish 100% Natural Cedar Wood Outdoor 10′ x 12′ Pergola, by Leisure Time Product

This beautiful wood pergola is naturally resistant to rot, decay, and pest. It comes with a five-year warranty and has enough room to house patio furniture for family and guest. The natural wood accommodates many designs from Old World, rustic, to contemporary.



Garden Craft LLCd 10 x 12-Feet Redwood Garden Pergola, 10×12-Feet, by Garden Craft LLC

Beautifully crafted from solid redwood, this pergola kit is easy to assemble. Depending on the design and your preference applications include painting, staining, or left to weather naturally. It is sturdy enough to support heavy vines. Product reviews report it as reasonably priced, and purchasers love the look with climbing vines and hanging plants.

Blue Moon Wisteria Vine – Fragrant Foot long Flowers – Attracts Hummingbirds – 2-year Plant by Japanese Maples and Evergreens

A beautiful, fragrant addition to a pergola, the Blue-Moon Wisteria is hardy to -40 degrees. It reaches 25 feet at maturity and has foot-long lilac-blue flowers, the hanging racemes resembling clusters of grapes. It blooms around three times a year and its fragrant flowers attacks hummingbirds.




Sweet Autumn Clematis – Clematis terniflora (paniculata) – Fragrant – Gallon Pot, by Hirt’s Garden

This highly rated vine is hardy in zones 4-8 and is known as the Queen of Vines for its showy white floral display in full bloom. It is semi-evergreen or deciduous and climbs to 30 feet. The leave’s color is glossy, dark green and the plant blooms best in full sun, with smaller plants at the base to shade it.

Climbing Hydrangea Anomala (petiolaris) – Live Plant – Trade Gallon Pot, by New Life Nursery & Garden

Decisively hardy and prolific, this climbing vine does need some guidance but produces a beautiful woody vine that climbs by aerial roots and twining to a mature height of 30 feet. Fragrant, white flowers in clusters bloom from May through June. It is delivered to some states as bare-root, to others, delivered in pots.


Beauty of Pergolas

The outside pergola is a garden device that adds to the charm and beauty of many gardens and homes and has been enjoyed by many people throughout the centuries. The man-made structure that supports the beauty of nature brings an aura of peace and enjoyment to gardeners, their families, and friends. Whether the pergola is small or large, their impact is impressive, warm, and inviting.

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