Home Flower Gardening

Home Flower Gardening: Color, Enjoyment, and Inspiration

Home Flower GardeningIf your life needs more inspiration and less stress, look to your back yard. If it doesn’t inspire you, lift your spirits, or if it is a depressing mass of weeds or just dirt, it may be both an indicator and an answer to the dilemma. Home flower gardening is a way to reclaim enjoyment in your life. It is a stress-reducing hobby that can bring beauty to your home, inspire get-togethers with friends and family, and provide a personal sanctuary in which to regroup.


Home flower gardening includes a colorful array of annual, biennial and perineal flowers from small flowering plants, bulbs, orchids, vines, bushes and flowering trees. Color, fragrance, texture, size, season and duration of flowers all factor into designing the ultimate flower garden. Flowering plants can be bought in small six-packs, or can be started from seed either sown directly in the soil or with an inexpensive propagation kit. When you need a lot of plants, starting with seeds saves money.


Flower Garden Design

You can choose the traditional design, like a classic English flower garden, or take a more natural approach, like a cottage flower garden. In the design, include specific areas of purpose and interest. Flowering groundcover for large areas of distant color or to prevent weeds need low maintenance perennial flowering plants. Reserve a small space for a cutting garden located in a visually indiscreet area where no one misses their blossoms and stems. Small garden sections of interest with views to other vistas, connected by pathways, increase the visual size of your entire garden. A flower bed of annuals or a raised bed of tulips or other flowers creates a focal point of interest.


Flower Choices

Choosing the appropriate types of plants for your flower garden include drought resistant, full sun, and shade-loving groundcover. Flower beds to showcase your favorite flowers make a dazzling impression. Design elements include trellised areas, places to sit, ponds, fountains, bird baths, and rocks. Surrounding these elements with annual and perennial flowers creates colorful places to stop, admire and relax. Growing flowering plants in containers are beautiful additions to garden pathways and for small yards with little or no ground area for planting.


Flower Gardening Tools

Preparing the soil and planting with the correct tools helps create a pleasant experience in the flower garden. Besides the traditional, there are alternative types, such as Japanese gardening tools in a different design for specific purposes. A variety of garden equipment makes gardening an enjoyable experience.


Endless Choice of Flowers

Whether you already have a garden in need of some color, or you are starting from scratch, home flower gardening is an inspiring, delightful, and stress reducing activity. It creates a positive atmosphere to gather with family and friends. Fortunately, there are abundant species and varieties of annuals and perennials to choose from to design your home flower garden. With over an estimated 270,000 type of flowers in existence, the option for changing or adding flowering annuals and perennials is virtually endless, providing interest year-round for many years. We invite you to share in our enthusiasm for the many aspects of home flower gardening at HomeFlowerGardening.com.





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