Intro to Backyard Garden Decorations Part 2

Intro to Backyard Garden Decorations Part 2


Backyard Garden Decorations Part 2This is our second part to our intro to backyard garden decorations. If you missed part 1 you can find it here.


Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are one of the oldest forms of musical instrument and the most wide-spread in their beginnings, throughout the world. Their meditative, soft, and resonating sounds, crafted out of a variety of materials, date back over 5000 years. Metal workers in China crafted wind bells, and they were hung in religious places to protect against evil and to invoke good spirits. They created soothing music for relaxing and meditation. Using and making wind chimes spread to Japan, and from there to Europe. The Celts used them to scare enemies from the woods. When the wind blew the chimes about creating music, it made the forest seem haunted. Today wind chimes create a calming and inspiring atmosphere. Their airy, open notes resonate peace and a sense of inner calm. They are a delightful visual and auditory addition to the garden.

Wind Chimes for Patio and Garden from UpBlend Outdoors – Beautiful Outdoor Home Decor – 38″ Hand Tuned Chime – Durable – Medium/Large size

This large wind chime is a visually beautiful artistic decoration and an instrument of music. Adjustable strikers allow tuning the instrument to desired melodies. This hand-made wind chime adds beauty to all styles of backyard gardens.


Decorative Planters

This broad category includes simple to elaborate decorative planters. From traditional urns to country wagons, they are an important design feature in backyard garden decorations.

Novelty 38198 Classic Urn, Black, 19-Inch

This planter is a classic urn with draining holes. Though it is made of light weight plastic, the soil and plants add stability. Unlike real stone, the product will not chip or break. From a distance, the black color gives the appearance of iron. Works well with black wrought-iron fences.


Tusco Products SQ20SS Classic Square Garden Planter, 20-Inch, Sandstone

This highly rated planter with a realistic stone appearance is sturdy, durable, and guaranteed for ten years. It is air-tight but holes drilled in the bottom for drainage are easily accomplished. They provide ample room for planting a small tree or large shrub. Beautifully designed, they reportedly hold up extremely well to strong wind.




Amish Wagon Decorative Garden Planter, Red

This wagon enhances the theme of many cottage and country-style gardens. The Amish decorative wagon is an excellent way to display a variety of potted flowering plants. Drill holes in the bottom for direct planting or better drainage for potted plants. The wagon provides a variety of decorative options, including holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.



Nightlights make a backyard garden enchanting, especially around decorative rocks, water fountains, ponds, and benches. Garden lights also have a practical purpose, lighting up pathways around buildings, sheds, and places people might trip in dim light or darkness.


Solar-Powered LED Garden Lights, ‘Lifetime replacement Guarantee’, Perfect Neutral Design; Makes Garden Pathways & Flower Beds Look Great; Easy NO-WIRE Installation; All-Weather/Water-Resistant.

Described as no-hassle is an understatement. These solar lights mean no wires or complicated procedure to install, including no added cost to monthly utility bills. Easily assembled, just insert them in the appropriate garden location, along paths or to light up garden points of interest. Lights work well for walkways to sheds and dark areas where uneven ground or steps may cause tripping. A lifetime replacement guarantee comes with these weather-resistant LED garden lights and will light up your garden for years to come.


Garden Furniture

When deciding on the backyard garden decorations, include the decorative aspect of small garden furniture. Repeating the theme in a small table and chairs unifies the design and enhances the overall effect.


New England Cast Aluminum Outdoor Bistro Set

This outdoor bistro set adds elegance to a floral garden with its antique, dark brown bronze cast aluminum design. Highly rated, this set is reportedly ideal for small spaces.


Fun with Backyard Garden Decorations

With so many items to choose from, determining which backyard garden decorations to select can be daunting, yet fun and exciting. Several items are available to fit various themes, including an eclectic collection of personal choices. Let your garden reflect the mood or ambiance you desire through color, lines, textures, values, and shapes of backyard garden decorations.

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