Intro to Backyard Garden Decorations

Expression with Backyard Garden Decorations

Backyard Garden DecorationsBackyard garden decorations define a theme or blend a homogeneous collection of various items. Changing the decorations, while maintaining the same plants and flowers can alter the mood or atmosphere in the backyard flower garden without the expense of replacing plants. Decorations possess the power of defining and reflecting the personality and preferences of the gardener.


Types of Backyard Garden Decorations

There are different types of garden decorations. Functional decorations such as birdbaths, ponds, planters and lighting, provide a practical purpose besides contributing to a particular theme or decorative design. Other decorative objects bring a distinct style or relevance to the garden. Though some backyard garden decorations can blend well with any flowering plants, some themes work more appropriately with plants typically grown in that garden theme. For example, Japanese gardens with rock and water elements, meditative figures, chimes, and ornamental statues create the mood better with flowering plants typically found in Japanese gardens, such as bamboo, flowering plum trees, fuchsias, camellias, fragrant wisteria, and bonsai. There are many beautiful selections to express a garden theme. Some popular design features found in many gardens include birdbaths, water fountains, sundials, statues, pedestals, finials, wind chimes, decorative planters, and lighting. In the overall design, consider small garden furniture as part of backyard garden decorations.


The following are backyard garden decorations highly rated at These are just some highlights of several more selections in different themes and designs available to define your style of garden.


Birdbaths and Water Fountains

The first birdbaths were created to attract birds into village gardens of middle-class residences where birds could drink and bath. Production for sale started in the 1840’s. The birdfeeder soon followed. Birdbaths continue to this day as a decorative addition as well as to attract birds to gardens.


Gardman BA01136 Pedestal Bird Bath, Antique Verdigris Effect, 20″ Wide x 28″ High

This plastic, blue-green copper patina birdbath looks like metal and is stabilized by adding sand or pebbles into the hollow pedestal. Wire spikes are provided to anchor the birdbath to the ground. Drip irrigation systems are useable with this product, to refresh the water. Reportedly, both gardeners and birds love it.


Sunnydaze Oasis Solar-on-Demand Bird Bath Water Fountain, 26 Inch Tall

This solar unit doubles as both a water fountain and birdbath. It comes with a charged battery for the pump and the added water supplies the weight and stability to the fountain.




Archeologists have found evidence that sundials were used in ancient times by the Egyptians and Babylonians as far back as 1500 BC. Cultures around the world have used sundials, and their use in astronomy, mathematics, and science has been profound and accurate. In Europe, sundials remained a significant, reliable tool until the middle of the 1800’s. At that time, mechanical clocks replaced them. Today, these ancient time devices are an attractive addition to gardens.


Rome 2518 Daybreak Sundial, Cast Iron with Verdigris Finish, 10.5-Inch Diameter

Made from cast iron, this beautiful patina sundial with its intricate artistic design livens up the garden with style. Many positive responses from buyers and their garden guests.



Statues and Figures

As a decorative element, backyard garden statues and supporting decorative figures, deliver a profound statement to the garden. Statues of various types of people, animals, and objects made of stone, ceramic, plastic, and metal give great impact to all types and styles of garden design.



Regal Art and Gift Down Bronze Crane Standing Art, 32.5-Inch

The realistic metal bird adds a natural emphasis to garden areas by flowers and fountains where running water can be heard, or as an accent by ponds. It is elegant and highly rated.



Garden Frog Resin Statue – With Butterfly Decoration, A Figurine for Outdoor Yard Décor

Small statues add accent and support to garden themes. The small, 15′, delightful frog and butterfly figurine provides a subtle uplifting and welcoming ambiance to the backyard garden. Highly rated, it is weighty enough, (1 ½ pounds), to remain stationary.




Pedestals and Finials

Pedestals are an attractive way to draw attention to statues, finials, sundials, or other artistic points of interest. Their placement as part of the backyard garden decorations directs the eye and signals points of interest in the backyard garden, as well as emphasizing the garden theme.


Design Toscano Roman Corinthian Capital Architectural Pedestal

This pedestal is sturdy and durable. Made with a combination of stone and resin, the attention to detail gives it an authentic look to the period’s design. Use it in the garden to support a point of interest, display a potted flowering plant at a path’s end, or as a base for a glass top for an outdoor table.




12.75″ Olla with Decorative Glazed Bird Finial

A lovely addition to a natural or cottage flower garden, this self-watering, unglazed terra cotta finial’s narrow, tall shape fits into small areas. The cute blue bird also serves as a dipstick to check water levels.

Next week we will continue with our intro to backyard garden decorations. Part 2 will include wind chimes, decorative planters, lighting and garden furniture.



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