Where to Buy Large Flower Pots

Where to Buy Large Flower Pots Online

Where to Buy Large Flower PotsOnce deciding on the style of a flower garden, it is time to determine where to buy large flower pots. Because of their size and weight, large flower pots usually stay in a permanent location in the garden. Depending on the dimensions of the container and unless a truck is readily available, transporting large flower pots may be problematic.


There are online services that offer a variety of large planting containers that include free shipping for items over a specified dollar amount. Ordering one or more very attractive large pots can easily include free shipping. One online source that offers large flower pots in various sizes, shapes, materials, and styles is Amazon. Besides offering an excellent selection of pots, they also sell the flowering plants to go into them. Through Amazon.com, flower pots from different manufacturers are available with a variety of themes for contemporary, traditional, classic, cottage, rustic, and natural style gardens.


Modern Large Flower Pots

36″ Long Milano Narrow Rectangular Modern Outdoor Planter Box, by Jay Scotts, is designed from fiberglass and measures 10″ deep and 24″ in height with standard drainage holes. The tall, sleek design adds elegance to a contemporary flower garden. The modern finish is available in charcoal grey, bright white, cocoa brown, ebony black, gunmetal metallic, and silver metallic. It’s functional as well as beautiful, able to withstand harsh northern climates and intense southern sun. With the UV protection, the colors do not fade.

Traditional Style Containers

Fiskars’ 18 Inch, Veranda 5 Gallon Box Planter has a smooth surface and comes in solid colors of chocolate, cement, white, pepperstone, thyme green, clay, and black. Thin but sturdy these planters are UV protected and are reported to hold trees and rocks in high wind. This planter has an elegant look and can easily apply to other styles of flower gardens.

Classic Style Containers

Roma 26-inch Antique Brown Urn Planter, by Great Deal Furniture, is a traditional Greek classic style urn. The antique style planter functions beautifully as a centerpiece. It measures 18″x18″x26″ and has a plug at the bottom. Though manufactured from stone, the process is not listed but is reportedly durable. A smaller sized potted plant inserted and covered by mulch makes future maintenance and upkeep easier.

Cottage Style Large Flower Pots

The 26″ Water Tight Half Wine Barrel Planter, by Master Garden Products, are real wine barrels made from oak wood. These 80 pound half barrels have a protective sealer added for durability. The dimensions are 18’x26’x26. Galvanized steel bands wrap the half-barrels for rust prevention. This water-tight barrel with its country charm comes in a half-barrel as a flower planter, or there is a ¾ barrel that holds two feet of water needed for water plants, such as water lilies. This item works well in a cottage style flower garden, too.


Rustic Style Large Flower Pots

The large Rustic Terra Cotta Oval Pot, by HomArt, comes in antique red and enhances the rustic charm of a flower garden. Its dimensions are 10″x8″x5″ and each piece is different due to the pottery process. The materials are natural and handcrafted by skilled artists to produce an old-style charm. They work well in related types of gardens such as French country and other Mediterranean old-world styles.


Natural Style Garden Large Flower Pots

The large V-3 Vertical Log Planter, by REAL Planters, is a beautiful realistic-looking wood log planter. It has an inside diameter of 12″ and is UV protected. Though the particular plastic material used is not named, it will insulate plant roots from extreme heat and cold. The type of logs offered are oak and birch, and they come in small, medium, and large sizes. Wood log planters in vertical and horizontal configurations are available.


Where to Buy Large Flower Pots

All of the above mentioned large flower pots are available at Amazon.com. These are only a few of the many styles and types of large flower garden pots available at this site. Knowing where to buy large flower pots that have several options, selections, and that offer free shipping, helps minimize costs, labor, and the time it takes to arrange transportation for delivery to your home. Browsing the available pots also provides valuable product information for wise purchases and ultimately, a beautiful flower garden.



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